• We match your company with relevant local entities

Our law firm studies your project and its global stakes. Depending on the infrastructure of your project and its overall budget, our team researches the most relevant company (among a vast network of companies in the country in question) that we feel will be the best match with your project. Of course, we will ensure that this company appreciates your project and understands how to best propel its development. We also organize meetings between project-holders (whether the project-holders are already established companies or not) with the most relevant company on the Israeli or African market.

No matter what industry your project falls under, rest assured that you’ll be expertly matched to a company that understands how best to develop it within their local market.

  • We have strategic connections with members of African government and Chambers of Commerce

Our goal is to facilitate commercial trading between Israeli and African entrepreneurs and businessman. 

Our extensive network in Africa includes a diverse range of both private companies and public organizations. Thanks to these strategic connections, we are able to introduce Israeli companies/business owners to relevant members of African government as well as to representatives of the local African Chambers of Commerce, the latter of which are very involved in bringing together various economic players in Africa with those in other countries.


  • We provide administrative support for your business overseas

We understand that African and Israeli bureaucracy can be confusing. Administrative procedures for businesses are complicated, and there can be lots of red tape. It’s common for new entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the procedural difficulties they encounter when trying to expand their business overseas.

Prince A. Law can help assist you with all the administrative paperwork and procedures required overseas. Not only will we inform you of upcoming deadlines and paperwork that need to be filled out, our team can gladly handle all the paperwork on your behalf. For example, we can register your company at the trade-and-mortgages register in Africa, if necessary, or take care of all the administrative formalities associated with your import-export business.


  • We advise about prospective bids/tenders and draft your proposals

Bids and tenders are a key component of major business relationships, even in Africa.

Our team, which specializes in the African public-markets sector, guides our clients towards the best business opportunities available to them.

We carefully oversee all international bids issued by African governments and make them available to our clients on our website. We also offer frequent updates of those bids so that our clients are aware of all bids issued by Africa at any given time and are able to make an offer in optimal legal conditions.


  • We translate bids from English/French to Hebrew

We know time is precious when it comes to answering a tender and making an offer. That’s why our experts offer you quick, precise and professional translations of tenders likely to interest you. Our goal is to allow our clients to determine, in the fastest time possible, whether or not they’d like to proceed to a tender offer to buy or sell.

For our Israel-based clientele, we translate all the materials connected to bids and tenders from English to Hebrew, or from French to Hebrew.

Our specialists also offer a priority translation of the most relevant sections of tenders to give our clients a summarized overview before delivering the entire translation.


  • Our team collaborates with various experts in multiple disciplines

Our team works in close collaboration with a network of experts in a broad range of disciplines for our clients whose businesses overlap across several industries.

We believe that consulting with specialized professionals on areas of which they have expertise is the key to a business’s efficiency and success. Thus, we collaborate on a regular basis with a network of professionals throughout Africa as well as in Israel. Our network currently includes a finance engineer, a certified translator, local lawyers, and several legal and financial experts.


  • We negotiate, review and draft International contracts and service agreements

International operations offer companies major growth potential. Acting on the buyer or seller side, our team offers counsel in defining the terms and conditions of the operation, is involved during the negotiation process, and drafts the whole legal documentation necessary to implement your operation. In the same vein, we also offer our expertise in matters such as due diligence or organization of data rooms.        

We perform an exhaustive audit of the existing legal, fiscal and social risks and impacts of the considered operation.

Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur or an investor, our team keeps you updated of all legal and regulatory aspects, as well as transactional elements which could affect your operation—all to ensure that you avoid any jurisdictional conflict or compliance issue.

  • We offer consultations, legal opinions, and MOU

Our firm is available to answer your legal questions, update you on legal news relating to topics in your industry, or offer you an overview of relevant points in international business law.

After we discuss the infrastructure of your personal business and all relevant details, our lawyers and experts advise you on the best way to go about establishing your operation. We provide personalized, suitable solutions and, of course, are also available to guide you closely in implementing them.

We draft all categories of pre-contractual documents and preliminary contracts for our clients as well.

  • We liaise public-private Partnerships and project financing

We have extensive experience structuring public-private partnerships between governmental entities on one side and private-sector entities on the other.

We offer the most suitable public-private partnership arrangements that includes a balanced sharing of risks and resources between the public and the private sector, in order to allow government development goals to be reached while maximizing investments for the private entity.

We can cover all the aspects of your project, from the initial development stage to the project financing stage. We negotiate and draft term sheets as well as loan contracts and security agreements (including sponsorships and support agreements, the consents to assignments, and the direct agreements with the moneylenders of the project).

Our clients benefit from our thorough knowledge and understanding of various business industries as well as local commercial customs in Africa and in Israel. 

  •  We manage your contracts

 Formalizing business relationships via written contracts and carefully managing these contracts are essential to preventing legal risks and protecting your company’s interests—especially when the legal contract includes international elements, making it more complex.

In addition to our work drafting and negotiating all types of contracts, we assist you in implementing the various clauses of the contract and following up on its implementation with your business partners.

For example, our team can be involved in interpreting provisions of one or several of your contracts at times when you’d like to renegotiate the contract, terminate it, or manage a dispute with the opposing party before any litigation is brought to court.


  • Mediation – Arbitration

Our team is authorized to perform national and international arbitration as well as institutional or ad hoc arbitration. We are involved from the beginning of the arbitral procedure until the implementation of the arbitral award.  

Several times, our own clients prefer to employ settlements out-of-court. When our own clients are involved in a dispute necessitating mediation or arbitration, we can serve as their legal advisor and guide them in preparing the arbitration agreement.

We believe these alternative methods of out-of-court settlements are effective in preventing as well as settling disputes, especially when international contracts are involved.