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Based in Paris,  Maximilien AMEGEE intervenes mainly in the international deals and transactions : negotiation, writing  and management of international contracts to support profitable activities. The international commercial law, the African commercial laws (OHADA) and workshops connected to the African corporate culture.
Maximilien AMEGEE represents frequently companies based in France, Togo, Benin, Ivory Cost or foreign investors, banks or international-wide financial institutions and advises on the most appropriate guarantees in the writing of the necessary acts.
In this context, formerly collaborator of biggest business law firms in France and in Europe : VEIL JOURDES LA GARANDERIE, ULYS LAW FIRM (Brussels), LANDWELL and the partners and KIEJMAN, Maximilien AMEGEE has a strong experience in the treatment of the legal and commercial aspects of the materials with scientific and technological contents. He is involved in forums and conferences dedicated to false medicine and other pharmaceutical products, one of his dominant activities.